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エムキュアプラス スキンケアシリーズ

Never give up on your mature skin.「Fermentation skin care」 for maintaining beautiful skin.

Among the products of the fermented skin care brand, Mcureplus, gel skin toner is a popular item. Users send us positive feedbacks one after another saying it penetrates into the skin very well and leaves the skin smooth.

A moisture component of vegetable fermentation extract (Manda Koso Extract) is extracted from Manda Koso after long-term fermentation and maturation of 24 kinds of botanical raw ingredients.
It is characterized by its benefit of quickly penetrating into the skin. The extract packed with the vitality of botanical ingredients nor domestic botanical extract moisturizes mature skin, which tends to experience a decline in moisture retaining power, leading to beautiful skin with elasticity and radiance. Mcure series was developed after receiving a strong demand from the consumers of Manda Koso. Our consumers who experience the merits of the Manda brand are highly satisfied with the quality.

*Manda Koso Extract contains ingredients derived from wheat.
Manda Koso Extract = (Mixed vegetables/Honey) Fermented extract

Wash -> Moisturize -> Replenish -> Protect -> Seal in
Be sure to condition the skin using five steps to in the morning and at night. First try for a week and see how your skin responds.

The cause of losing skin elasticity and radiance is the reduction of collagen. Let’s bring out the power of collagen generation that the skin has naturally so that your skin can produce moisture on its own.
The most important rule of making foundation last longer is to moisturize the skin. It is important to use high-quality moisturizing products to take care of your skin on a daily basis.
The reason why the skin still dry even after moisturizing is that the moisturizing components are not penetrated into the skin well. Be sure to choose gentle skin care products that easily penetrate into the mature skin.
It is not necessary meaning the expensive cosmetic products are good for skin. Be sure to select products that cover the weakness of your own skin type and increase the underlying strength of your skin.

In the process of developing various products that utilize Manda Koso, we focused attention on certain components. These are the components of valuable natural moisturizing factors (NMF) that are present in the skin’s horny layer. One is serine, which is an oxyamino acid, and the others are glycine, which is an aminoacetic acid, and lactic acid.

When the NMFs become insufficient, it causes dryness and the decline of barrier functions, causing skin problems. We developed Manda Koso Extract, which is a purified Manda Koso for cosmetics.

Our skin care series is formulated with Manda Koso Extract and specially selected beauty skin ingredients that work well with Manda Koso Extract without adding unnecessary components to ensure moisturizing power and gentleness to the skin. We recommend using for your healthy, beautiful skin.

Manda Koso Extract, packed with botanical gifts.
Manda Koso Extract = (Mixed vegetables/Honey) Fermentation extract

Manda Koso Extract, packed with botanical gifts.
Manda Koso Extract, formulated in the skin care series is made from 24 kinds of botanical raw ingredients selected from the soil, forest, and the sea.

  • Fruits
    mandarin orange・navel orange・hassaku・sour orange・banana・apple・pineapple・persimmon
    Edible algae
  • Grains・Vegetables
    rice・soybean・sesame・carrot・garlic・burdock・lotus root
    wild grape・akebi・silvervine・brown sugar・starch・honey