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Manda Fermentation:
Supporting people’s health worldwide through the power of fermentation

On this page, you’ll find information about the Manda brand and about products made by Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. Features of these products and information on how to use them effectively are compiled in PDF brochures, which you can readily access via a tablet or notebook PC. PDF brochures are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Burmese, French, and Spanish. Download the printable brochure of your choice from the selection below.

Manda Koso
koso_txtManda Koso is a fermented botanical food product made by spontaneously fermenting and maturing 53 kinds of botanical ingredients for more than three years and three months. It contains lactic acid, acetic acid, amino acids, and protein, all of which are produced during the fermentation process. Taking Manda Koso continuously on a daily basis maintains a healthy balance for your intestinal environment. The digestion and absorption of nutrients becomes smoother, resulting in the effective intake of high-quality energy. This can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Agricultural Product Manda 31
Manda 31 is a product that brings out the vitality of plants and vegetables. It is made from several dozen kinds of botanical raw materials, with natural brown sugar as the base. It takes more than three years of repeated fermentation and maturation to make Manda 31. (Please note that Manda 31 is not an agricultural chemical.)

Manda Amino Alpha
Manda Amino Alpha is a fertilizer created by adding liquid fertilizer to Manda Koso. Give this to your plants and flowers in place of water to bring out their full vitality. You’ll find Manda Amino Alpha to be invaluable in all kinds of gardening environments, including in home vegetable gardens.

Fermented Skincare Products
Fermented Skincare Products
Our skincare products contain fermented plant extract (Manda Koso Extract) derived from fermenting and maturing 24 kinds of botanical raw materials. These help your skin to retain moisture while bringing out your natural beauty.
Animal Husbandry Product Manda Animo
Animal Husbandry Product
Manda Animo

For robust cows and healthy calves and piglets
Manda Amino is an animal feed product designed to promote the health of livestock. It can be given directly to animals or mixed with other feeds, and it also dissolves easily into milk substitutes. An ideal feed product for calves and cows alike.
Fishery Product Manda F Cube
Fishery Product Manda F Cube
For healthy and high-quality fish
Manda F Cube is used for rearing flounder, blowfish, and other fish. It makes the fish strong, increases their appetite, and improves their tolerance to stress. The result is healthy fish that taste better.

Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. Download it here.Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. Download it here.