Water-free, non-heated and additive-free Fifty-three kinds of botanical ingredients are fermented and matured for more than three years and three months.

Fermented food—the result of a 23-year research project. Manda Koso is recommended for people who are particular about genuine.

Manda Koso is a fermented botanical food product made out of spontaneously fermented and matured 53 kinds of botanical raw materials from kakokusosai--fruits to grains and edible algae to vegetables. Health benefits of fermented foods have been recognized by the history of food cultures around the world. By utilizing the wisdom and technique of fermentation cultivated for over 300 years as a sake brewery of Innoshima Island, we develop high-quality unique fermented foods for people’s healthy lifestyle.

Manda Koso comes in tablets, drink, paste, and processed food to meet the lifestyles of modern people.

*1 No water and heat application in the fermentation/maturation process.
*2 Free of preservatives and additives such as food coloring.

Exceptional ingredients nurtured by the four seasons.
Our persistence to a great variety of raw 
ingredients that can be obtained only in Japan.

From warm ocean to extremely cold land.
Condensed with the power of myriad ingredients.

Fifty-three types of raw ingredients used to make Manda Koso are specially selected from ingredients grown in the climate of wide areas from Okinawa to Hokkaido.
A blend of various ingredients from the ocean and mountains ensures well-balanced benefits of raw ingredients that accumulate the surviving power in each environment, allowing for the production of high-quality fermented foods that support our health.


CCitrus fruits made in Innoshima-island such as Hassaku, navel oranges, pomelos, vitamin-rich seasonal fruits, and so on.


Such as brown rice, glutinous rice, millet, barley, and corn, flavorful and nutritious grains fully absorb the nutrition of the soil.


Hijiki, seaweed, laver, kelp, etc., are edible algae rich in marine minerals.


From carrots, garlic, burdock, and cucumber to celery, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, and flavoring vegetables have a rainbow of characteristics.

The reason why Manda Koso does not solely rely on its own farm.

Some of Manda Koso’s raw ingredients, such as citrus and carrots, are grown in our own farm with the utmost care by adding Manda Koso for plants.
For other ingredients, on the other hand, we procure from all over the country by making extensive use of a network with specific producers on the basis of strict quality standards for residual pesticides and genetically modified organisms.
The continuous production of high-quality Manda Koso is attributed to the procurement of the best quality available for each season and region without solely relying on our own farm.

Shimanami Kaido connects islands with its own uniqueness. Manda Koso is nurtured in the distinctive climate.

Since its foundation, Manda Koso has been produced on the island of Innoshima floating over the Shimanami Kaido in the Seto Inland Sea. Categorized as a Mediterranean climate, the Seto Inland Sea has a dry comfortable summer and a warm winter with very little chance of snow, enjoying an extremely mild climate.
Thanks to Innoshima’s unique four seasons, the requirements of temperatures, humidity, winds, water, and soil are met to produce Manda Koso with our seal of approval.

The secrets of fermentation —nature’s great gift.

Dried bonito flakes, natto, miso, soy sauce, wine, yogurt, and cheese, fermented foods are loaded with wisdom of food around the world, not only in Japan. Japanese sake is also one of fermented products.
Fermentation is a mysterious reaction caused by small microorganisms of mere one micron (1/1,000 millimeter), and it is a known fact that its mechanism remains unclear. Even so, in order to achieve proper fermentation, it is very crucial to meet the requirements, such the climate, soil, and vegetation of each land. Also for spontaneous fermentation, utmost attention is required for these environmental changes.

The fermentation house, where the fermentation and maturation of Manda Koso take place, is situated between the small hills of Innoshima and the Seto Inland Sea. It is surrounded by broad-leaved trees, which are planted to create an environment suitable for the growth of microorganisms. We prepare the best-suited environment for promoting sufficient fermentation of meticulously selected ingredients to ensure that Manda Koso is nurtured with the knowledge and data of skilled artisans with many years of experience.

Healthy everyday life by maintaining healthy intestinal environment.

Manda Koso contains lactic acid, acetic acid, and amino acids, all of which are produced during the fermentation process. Taking Manda Koso continuously on a daily basis can contribute to a well-balanced, healthy intestinal environment. It facilitates smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.
By taking another look at your intestinal environment, you can alleviate constipation in a morning and enjoy many beauty benefits. To live youthfully and healthy, we continue to pursuit the power drawn by fermentation to deliver only products that satisfy our customers.

Safe quality for every customer

Manda Koso was originally researched and developed with a wish for expectant mothers to give birth to a healthy baby. Manda Koso can be safely consumed by expectant mothers and breast-feeding women, as well as small children and the elderly.
In addition, another benefit is it is safe to combine with medication. Although there has not been any negative report on combined medication, please consult with your doctor prior to using Manda Koso.

Especially recommended for people who…

  • are concerned about lifestyle habits.
  • tend to be constipated.
  • are concerned about aging.
  • want to age gracefully.
  • tend toward nutritionally unbalanced diets.

Exceptional nutrients by using ingredients entirely. Very few waste production is also good for the environment. also good for the environment.

For raw ingredients, Manda Koso is made through fermentation and maturation of fruits without removing the skins and seeds. That is why we are particular about raw ingredients and use carefully selected ingredients. Moreover, we only use the best quality available for each season through careful selection to ensure each ingredient is packed with nutrients at their best condition.
Such a fermented food is extremely rare and valuable in the world. Another characteristic is the clean production method that does not produce much waste as raw ingredients are used entirely.

Efforts for customer’s safety Manda Koso is a GMP and HACCP certified health supplement.

Manda Koso ensures safety and reassurance as our pride. As a result of remodeling our factory twice to ensure a production environment with highly accurate hygiene management and implementing company-wide efforts for two years, the headquarters factory at Manda Fermentation have received GMP certification for health and nutrition food in December 2007. Moreover, in May 2013, we have acquired a HACCP certification, which is a global food hygiene management system. We are committed to further ensuring full compliance with the quality control standards.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is issued by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association to certify that products meet certain safety and quality standards in their manufacturing and quality control.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The system guarantees product safety by analyzing possible hazards from the procurement of ingredients to product shipments. The system manages the removal of any potential hazards in the process.

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