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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Contributing to the health of human and the Earth

Corporate mission

Dedicating all our effort to wellness and health of people in the world, by harmonizing with Nature and respecting to the preciousness of Life.

Manda Group Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance to Laws and Regulations.
    Whereas we observe domestic laws and corporate rules relating to the business activities, we would direct our attention extensively to overseas laws as well. Not to mention being law-abiding in related laws/corporate rules, each one of us is determined to conduct his/her assignment pursuant to the business ethics based on a high level of ethical standards reflecting the values and objectives shared by us.
  2. Workplace Environment
    We will make effort to develop pleasant workplace environment so that every one of us is allowed to be healthy and enlivened for daily work, and aspire to the realization of the comfortable workplace climate where each and all employees can exhibit their individuality in a delighted manner.
  3. Customer Satisfaction
    In order to realize the “satisfaction” better than what our customers think right, i.e., beyond their expectation, we will engrave the concept on our mind giving it top priority in our daily assignments. Since customer satisfaction is a theme forever, we will continue to pursue it as our invariable target. By doing so, we believe that we are entitled to receive “deep impression” from our customers.
  4. Risk Management
    We will systematically manage risks developed in relation to the business strategies and those connected with our business operations. In particular, we are responsible for product liability (PL) as a manufacturer of health food products and make every effort to the production and sales of safe and reliable merchandise based on the firm ground of product risk management. In addition, we are quite aware that not only personal information but corporate important/confidential information are valuable business properties for an enterprise and require all possible security measures to ensure the confidentiality, e.g., building up strong information control system on our own responsibility.
  5. Respect to Human Being / Environment
    We will mutually respect each other’s character and individuality, and provide eco-friendly products and service from the standpoint of human dignity. We will support harmonization with nature and conduct business activities placing emphasis on the conservation of global environment aiming at the realization of sustainable society.
  6. Contribution to Society
    We are determined to respond to social requirement in order that our business activities are accepted affirmatively from the society. Although our contribution to society will be made mainly through our business operation and merchandize, each one the employees will deepen interchange between communities where he/she lives and participate in and be willing to cooperate with the regional society. By doing so, we will be able to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can extensively contribute to society.