Pet supplement






Fermic, Manda Koso for pets, is a supplement designed for dogs and cats, who are precious members of your family.


Fermic is a supplement that combines Manda Koso for pets, which is made by spontaneously fermenting and maturing 53 kinds of botanical ingredients, and effective microorganisms as typified by lactic acid bacteria and natto bacteria. In addition, it is formulated with enzyme-treated Unshu oranges, which support bone health and diet, and champignon extract derived from mushrooms. Fermic is also free of preservatives to ensure safe consumption by your precious pets.


  • I am concerned about my dog/cat digestive condition.
  • My dog/cat’s energy level is low.
  • My dog/cat is not willing to go for a walk.
  • The smell of dog/cat feces bothers me, etc.