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Messages from the representative of Manda Group

代表取締役社長 松浦良紀

The secrets of life, and mighty power

We, Manda Group, have been tackling to contribute to whole life through our products made by our unique fermentation technology, the reconciliation of “mysterious and greater power of Life” in Nature and “traditional and scientific knowledge” in experience and wisdom. While harmonizing with Nature, we make all our effort to realize healthier life of people in the world and our goal is making a contribution to global societies.
Dr. Yoshinori Matsuura, President
開発者・理学博士 松浦新吾郎

Wish to contribute to the health of as many citizens as I can, “Hoping that every customer finds our products helpful.”

“Mana Koso” is fermented botanical food including vital ingredients brought out from vegetables by fermentation. It took twenty-three years to complete development of “Manda Koso” since I had an idea as the starting point of developing “Manda Koso”, “May more expected women have more healthy babies”. Today “Manda Koso” is loves by people in all over the world. It is my everlasting dream, “Contributing to the health and wellness of a larger number of people in the world, and serving all of them in good stead”.
Dr. Shingoro Matsuura, Chairperson