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Health Food Products

What types of people use your health food products?
Various types of people, regardless of age and gender, who wish to live healthy, use our health food products.
Are your health food products recommended for anyone?
Yes. Anyone can enjoy our health food products.
Manda Koso is a safe product made out of fermented and matured natural ingredients, which is safe for anyone from infants to the elderly.
*If you have allergies and other sensitivities, heart disease and a weak constitution, it is recommended to start with a small amount first. If you are concerned, please consult your doctor.
Is it safe to consume Manda Koso during pregnancy or breast feeding?
Yes. Manda Koso can be consumed safely.
Manda Koso was originally researched and developed with a wish for expectant mothers to give birth to a healthy baby.
Is it safe to combine with medication?
There has not been any negative reports when taking Manda Koso in conjunction with other medications. Although you can take Manda Koso with peace of mind, if you are concerned, please consult your doctor just.
*Please refer to the following nutritional information as an indicator, if you have restriction of specific nutrient intake, due to illness and medication:
[Per 5g of Mansa Koso]
Vitamin K: Approx. 0.25 μg
Iodine: Approx. 0.02 mg
Potassium: Approx. 約35mg
I try to stay away from sugary food and beverages. Do you still recommend Manda Koso?
Although Manda Koso has a sweet and sour taste, if you take 5 g per day, the calories are as few as approximately 12 kcal.
There should not be any concern for those who limit their calorie intake as long as adequate intake is maintained.
Do you recommend consuming Manda Koso on a continuing basis?
Yes. We recommend consuming continuously.
Since Manda Koso is a food product, it will be helpful to maintain a healthy body on a daily basis by continuing to consume diligently in the same way as you consume a day-to-day diet. We recommend consuming continuously as much as possible for maintaining good health.
What is the best way to eat Manda Koso?
You may use an attached spoon (for the paste type in a jar) and eat as-is.
Since Manda Koso is a food product,there are no specific ways of consume it. We recommend eating at any time as desired (divide into several times if possible).
What is the best storage method?
It is best to keep away from direct sunlight and areas of high temperatures. Store in a location at room temperature.
What is an expiration date?
Please check the expiration date printed on the package and label.
It is recommended to consume before the expiration date, the taste and smell may change.
Also, please consume it as soon as possible after opening regardless of the expiration date.
Is there any particular thing I should know?
You might find some liquid appearing on the surface of Manda Koso (paste-type) during storage.
This liquid is not water, and it is the extract contained in Manda Koso appearing on the surface. It is the same component. Please stir and consume.

Manda Koso for Plants

Common for Manda 31 and Manda Amino Alpha

Dose it have any insecticidal and disinfection effects?
There are no direct insecticidal and disinfection effects. We have received actual reports from various regions that plants grow more vigorously, and there is less disease and pest damage from the use of Manda Koso for Plants.
Are there any effects on weeds?
Although we have not conducted any special effect test on weeds, we have received reports that it invigorated weeds with the use on fruit and vegetable farms, etc.
Should I use a spreader?
It is not particularly necessary when using the product alone. However, please use it if the spreader is necessary for the combined use of another agent.

Manda 31

Is it possible to use Manda31 together with agricultural chemicals?
It is not recommend mixing it with agricultural chemicals. However, the current situation is that some farmers are compelled to use it together with pesticides to save labor. Although we have not received any reports of harmful effects from combined use, please avoid mixing with an agent that specifies sole use, strong alkaline substances, and hormones. When using a new pesticide, be sure to use it in a small area first.
Can I mix Manda 31 with a liquid fertilizer?
Manda 31 helps plants to absorb fertilizers and it is effective to mix with a liquid fertilizer. There are some cases of combined use with various liquid fertilizers, including quick-acting inorganic liquid fertilizers for growth promotion, organic-type liquid fertilizers such as amino acid for enhanced taste, and those containing hard-to-absorb calcium and minerals, which tend to become insufficient.

Manda Amino Alpha

Are there any special instructions and directions for use?
(1) It contains fertilizer components. Please do not use it for soaking seeds and cutting.
(2) Be sure to avoid direct contact of the undiluted solution and high-concentrate liquid fertilizer with plants.
Can I mix Manda Amino Alpha with pesticides?
We do not recommend mixing it with pesticides. However, the current situation is that some farmers are compelled to use it together with pesticides to save labor. Although we have not received any reports of harmful effects from combined use, please avoid mixing with an agent that specifies sole use and hormones.
In addition, please avoid mixing with lime sulfur as it may produce noxious fumes. When using a new pesticide, be sure to use it in a small area first.
Can I mix Manda Amino Alpha with a liquid fertilizer?
While Manda Amino Alpha contains fertilizer components, when diluting the solution 1,000-fold, the liquid fertilizer can be mixed at normal strength. When diluting the solution 500-fold, other liquid fertilizers are not required.

Skin Care Products

Hada Genki (Cream)

What are the benefits of Manda Koso Extract?
By extracting and adding skin care components of Manda Koso, we have developed a skin care cream that is safe and moisturizing to the skin.
Why is there slight fragrance even though it says it is fragrance-free?
Fragrance-free does not mean scent-free. The smell of Hada Genki comes from Manda Koso Extract and other ingredients.
Is it safe to use on my face?
It prevents skin dryness and conditions the skin.
However, it does not protect against UV rays and functions as a makeup primer.
What skin type do you recommend it for?
We particularly recommend the product for those with aging skin, skin problems due to pregnancy, sensitive skin, and those who need to moisturize their skin. Its components derived from plant fermentation boost the skin’s moisturizing power. The fragrance-free, colorant-free formulation is safe for infants.

Hada Gokoro (Soap)

What are the benefits of Manda Koso Extract?
Manda Koso Extract contains a rich amount of amino acids, such as skin-moisturizing serine and glycine, and lactic acid, all of which are excellent moisture-retaining properties.
Why is it gentle to the skin?
Hada Gokoro is made without fragrance, colorant and mineral oil, which is safe for those with sensitive skin.