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For the health and wellness of people and our mother earth

Blue skies and mild climate surrounded by the sea. Ever since inauguration, we have walked up here in concert with affluent nature.

“Manda Koso”, developed with the passion to make good use of natural blessings in our pursuit of healthy life, is a fermented food product for health made from over 53 kinds of raw materials. It is produced using the technology entrusted to the working of nature, rejecting the use of additives and preservatives. This is because we wish you to take only truly good things with peace of mind. Nowadays, our products are proved to be useful in a wide range of areas including agriculture/fishery and stockbreeding, besides people’s health and well-being.
“Manda Koso” is recognized internationally in universities and research institutions etc. due to its efficacy, so that research presentation sessions are held elsewhere in symposiums, and the like.