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Privacy Policy

Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. (“we”) make various efforts to increase customer satisfaction and for safety and reassurance of our customers with the aim of realizing our corporate philosophy which is “the contribution to the health and wellness of people and the world”.
Even for the handling of information that can identify individual customer (“personal information”), on the basis of our corporate philosophy, we fully recognize the importance of the protection of personal information. Thus, we strictly adhere to protect the customer’s personal information.
In accordance with the privacy policy provided as below, our executives and employees are pledged to ensure appropriate handling, management, and maintenance of personal information.

About our basic stance on personal information

We establish the intended use and scope of personal information that is necessary for business operation and collect, use, and provide personal information appropriately. We use all personal information only within the intended use, and take measures to prevent other use.

Compliance with laws regarding personal information protection and applicable laws

Regarding personal information handled in all businesses and personal information such as employee information of our company, we comply with JIS Q 15001 (Personal Information Protection System) We will build a personal information protection management system based on “Requirements”) and operate it appropriately.
This site can be accessed from countries all over the world with different laws, but the use of this site is bound by the laws of Japan. This site makes no representations about the suitability or availability of the content of this site abroad. Access from areas where the materials on this site are illegal is prohibited. Access to the Company from outside the home country is at your discretion, and you are responsible for complying with the laws of your country.

Court of competent jurisdiction

When a business dispute arises, the court of jurisdiction over the location of our office (Hiroshima District Court) will be the court of first consideration.

About the utilization purpose of personal information

In order to provide better services to our customers, the customers of our products, those who make inquiries / consultations (reports) to our company (Customer Satisfaction Room, etc.), those who request product samples / data, and those who submit questionnaires. We may collect your personal information (address, name, contact information, etc.) for the following (collectively referred to as “customers” below).

In this case, we will clearly define the purpose of use of personal information and acquire it to the extent necessary by legal and fair means.
You can use this site without revealing your personal information, but in that case, you may not be able to access some pages or use some services.

Purpose of use of personal information

  1. We will use your personal information for the following purposes. Delivery of products (samples), collection of product price, provision of after-sales service, guidance on new products and campaigns, product marketing, recruitment of various questionnaires / quizzes / comments (comments), response to inquiries, etc.
  2. We may deposit your personal information in the following cases. For the purpose of delivering various information magazines to provide after-sales follow-up services, to the outsourcers of the creation and delivery of information magazines, and to the recipients of each gift item for the purpose of delivering campaign gifts to the relevant person.

    *When outsourcing all or part of the handling of personal information, it is the responsibility of the Company to carefully select outsourcing parties that meet a sufficient level of protection, conclude a contract for the protection of personal information, and appropriately will be managed and supervised by.

  3. The personal information acquired is within the scope of the purpose of use described in (1) and (2) above for personal information acquired by the Company in writing or by telephone in order to provide comprehensive services as the Company. May be shared between two Manda Group companies. Items to be shared are “Name, contact information (address, telephone number, fax number, email address, etc.), product purchase history inquiries and requests”. If you share items other than these, you will be notified or announced separately to the individual. The person in charge of managing personal information to be shared shall be the Company (Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd.).
    The affiliated companies of our company that jointly use are as follows.

    Manda Co., Ltd. 5800-95 Innoshima Shigeicho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
    Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. 5800-95 Innoshima Shigeicho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

  4. Regarding recording of telephone call contents
    If you do not set the caller ID, the call will not be connected. Please dial “186” before the toll-free number.
    In addition, we record the call in order to improve the quality and deliver the product accurately.

About the management and protection of personal information

We manage and maintain personal information using a strict management system. We make efforts to strengthen security by using appropriate and reasonable security measures and correction measures to protect our databases and servers against unauthorized access, risks of theft, loss, destruction, modification, or improper disclosure of data.

About cookies

This site uses the technology of “Cookie” in order to make it more convenient for customers to use this site and to collect the browsing history of customers.
“Cookie” is a technology that identifies your computer from a web server.
Depending on your browser settings, you can refuse to receive cookies or display a warning when you receive cookies. However, in that case, please be aware that the functions of this website may not be fully utilized. For information on these functions, see “Help” of your browser.

About collection of browsing history

This site collects customer browsing history information. The information collected will be used for comprehension of the usage status of this site and aggregation and analysis for planning and improving services, and will not be used for any other purposes.

About security

In order to protect your personal information on this site, some content such as pages for entering personal information uses encrypted communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is a security function that aims to protect important information such as personal information exchanged on the Internet from being intercepted by a third party, by encrypting the personal information of the customer entered on this site. We are sending and receiving.

Children’s privacy (children under 20 years old need parental permission)

Our company and linked sites do not target children under the age of 20.
Customers under the age of 20 cannot use this site without the permission of the parent, or guardian (herein after referred to as “guardian”). Parents who wish to inquire or delete the registered data of their children should contact the Customer Information Consultation Office below.

Disclosure of personal information

  1. You can ask us to disclose your personal information that we control.
  2. If the disclosed personal information is incorrect, you can request us to correct or delete the information.
  3. If you are required to disclose, correct, or delete your personal information, or if you have any other inquiries regarding your personal information, please contact the Customer Information Consultation Office below.
  4. In any of the following cases, we cannot disclose your personal information.
    ・ When harming the rights and interests of customers and third parties
    ・ When there is a risk of violating other laws
    ・ When there is a possibility that it will significantly hinder our business operations
  5. In cases other than the above, we may not be able to notify you for unavoidable reasons.
  6. When disclosing your personal information, you may be required to submit a copy of official identification cards (driver’s license, insurance card, passport, resident card, etc.) that prove your identity.
  7. A fee may be charged for disclosing your personal information.
    In addition, if you have any opinions or questions regarding personal information, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Information Consultation Office below.

Disclosure and provision of personal information

We will not disclose or provide the collected personal information of the customer to a third party without the consent of the customer.

However, please note that personal information may be disclosed in the following cases

  1. When there is prior consent of the customer regarding information disclosure and sharing.
  2. When it is deemed necessary to disclose or share information in order to provide the service you desire.
  3. When a formal inquiry based on law is received from a public institution such as a court or police.
  4. When there is an imminent danger to human life, body and property, and there is an urgent need.
  5. When processed into a state in which the individual customer cannot be identified as statistical data.
  6. When outsourcing part of the handling of personal information. However, in this case, the personal information shall be provided to the business consignee after concluding a contract so that the personal information will not be used for anything other than the business entrusted by the Company and that the personal information will be managed appropriately we will.
  7. In the case where a national institution or local public entity or a person entrusted with it cooperates in carrying out the affairs stipulated by law.

About the disclosure, correction request, complaint and consultation regarding personal information

Please contact the following help desk for inquiries regarding the disclosure, correction (modification, addition, and removal), suspension and deletion of personal information that we possess, as well as a request procedure of these information.
We will confirm identification in writing and handle without delay.
We also respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultation.

Inquiries: Manda Koso Customer Satisfaction Unit

Contact: Customer Service
Address: 5800-95, Innoshima Shigei-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture 722-2192 Japan
Telephone: +81-845-24-3555
Fax: +81-845-26-2034 (24 hours reception)
Hours of operation: Weekdays 8: 30-17: 30 (Saturday / Sunday / holidays are closed)

About the continuous improvement of the management system for the protection of personal information

We continue to review and improve the management system for the protection of personal information.
In addition, we may revise a part of the “Privacy Policy” in order to protect personal information based on a clear policy and to respond to changes in laws and regulations. We recommend that customers check regularly. If there are significant changes, we will inform you on this site in an easy-to-understand manner. The revised content shall be applied after the date of publication on this website.

Established on March 22, 2005.
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