From herb garden in a balcony to full-fledge farming, Manda Amino Alpha is recommended for wide-ranging use.

Manda Amino Alpha is a fertilizer created using Manda Koso for plants, which we deliver with confidence. It was developed in hopes of our founder, Shingoro Matsuura, to be useful for the nature and contribute to the agriculture industry that forms the country's foundation as much as possible. Formulated with a liquid fertilizer mainly of Manda Koso for plants and organic ingredients, it works to promote healthy growth of crops.
In addition, Manda Amino Alpha Plus contains magnesium for increasing the photosynthetic ability in addition to the ingredients of Manda Amino Alpha. It offers additional benefits for increasing taste and brix of fruits. We recommend separating the use depending on usage and purpose.

By improving roots, it helps improve the absorption of nourishing water.
It promotes crops to absorb nutrients so that they grow larger and stronger.
It helps increase a brix of fruits and vegetables and makes the color of flowers brighter, facilitating high-quality crops.
It helps restore from crop damages such as winds and sunlight.
It increases freshness and prolongs shelf life after harvest.

  • Add water, fertilizer, and Manda Amino Alpha Plus.
  • Water and fertilizer only.

After diluting with 1,000 times as much water, spray it to water.
Frequency of use is one a week or every ten days.

*Add 2 ml using an attached measuring cup to a 2-liter water bucket.
*Diluted liquid cannot be preserved for a long time. Be sure to use all on the same day if possible. Also, be sure to use clean tap water, etc. for the water used for dilution.

Hajime Uto

I grow various vegetables as a hobby, such as tomatoes, eggplants, bitter gourds, cucumbers and taro potatos. With the Manda Koso for plants, I can see how the plants grow more vigorously. I was surprised that onions grew to the size of a baby’s head. Tomatoes also became so sweet that my acquaintances said they can’t eat tomatoes from grocery stores, and they wonder what was wrong with the tomatoes they used to eat.
I add Manda Koso for Plants using a watering can after planting seedlings. After that, I spray it onto leaves using a sprayer once a day. I know some friends who grow vegetables like myself, but their farm is obviously different than mine, which let them to purchase Manda Koso for Plants the other day. I want to keep making tasty vegetables with Manda Koso for Plants with safety and security.